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Mad Lions tests new players

It seems that Kuben does not throw words at the wind and immediately took to the job as a new coach. It wasn’t long before the first results of his actions were seen. Mad Lions is in the process of testing at least five new players. Among the players currently being tested was Polish accent that we mentioned a few days ago – Filip “tudsoN Tudev”. Other players watched live by Mad Lions include Lithuanian Justinas “jL” Lekavicius, Ukrainian Volodymyr “Woro2k” Veletniuk, Latvian Kristers “keen” Darznieks and Spaniard Pere “sausol” Solson Saumell. At the same time, the team practices with the only contracted player of the Spanish organization – TMB. Only some names can be known to the wider community. We mentioned the former Team Secret player in the previous text, but the Polish fan should also associate stand-in for sAw (sasuol) and woro2k, who threw Anonymo overboard for the closed qualifiers for the Dreamhack Open January. Little is known about the other two players so far. Keen represented UMX and jL was a Lithuanian grazhtas.

Mad Lions puts on youth

You can see that the organization wants to focus on young players. None of the tested players have yet celebrated their 22st birthday. The organisation is also not afraid of language and cultural barriers, because we have a very international mix here, from the west to the east of Europe. In the composition it is vain to look for two players representing one country. The future will show whether such mix will work as planned by the coaches, with Kuben at the helm.

Further team plans

At this point, it is not known whether the above-mentioned players will become full team members. According to our information, this is very likely, because the team has been training in this setting for some time. contacted Mad Lions to clarify the organization’s plans, but at this point it has no plans to explain the situation. We should know the full squad in the near future, because at the end of march the Mad Lions are due to take part in an international tournament. The first results will show whether the path taken by the team is right.



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