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How much did the transfer shuffle cost us in Poland?

Transfer amounts are taboo topic on the Polish counter strike scene. We are constantly making more or less significant roster moves, but most of these movements are shrouded in mystery. We got used to this state of affairs. We don’t notice that in other sports (for example in football) transfer amounts or contract length are very often public or leaked by somebody. Journalists will not always be able to find out or predict the exact transfer amounts, but they are often very close to the truth. In esports, especially Polish, this is still a great rarity. Organizations do not want to show off their financial insights, nor do esports portals try to find out the truth. With this text, we want to reverse this trend a little. We are tying to make information about transfer amounts on the Polish market public, at least when it comes to the last transfer window. Neverthless, transfer shuffle was extremly interesting this year.


Reatz -> AGO
Amount: $0

We’ll start slowly. As many of you will know, the AGO has acquired its entire squad without spending a single dollar on transfers (we omit commissions for signatures and for agents). Rallen has been a free agent for a while, snatchie was contracted immediately after his contract with Sprout ended, and Reatz… Well, his is a pretty interesting case. AGO contacted Reatz when he was still formally playing for Illuminar Gaming. However, the owners of the organization didn’t impede the transfer. Rather, they met Paul halfway and terminated the contract with him by mutual agreement of both parties. Thanks to this, x-kom AGO contracted Jańczak as a free player. Not a bad transfer shuffle for x-kom AGO, to be fair.


Paweł “innocent” Mocek -> Mad Lions
Amount: $0

The case is already quite old, as the gamer has been part of Anonymo for a few weeks already. However, few people still know that while the Mad Lions have expressed their interest in Mocek, he’s avoided signing a new contract for a long time. It’s hard to be surprised: maybe he just wasn’t sure how to guide his career. However, several sources we contacted claimed that when Mad Lions expressed their interest, they first reached his agent, who had completed the transfer in such a way that no transfer fee had to be paid. Is this a surprise? Hardly. The agents’ priority is himself and his client, and financially, bringing about a cashless transfer could have provided a better commission for Mocek’s signature with Spanish organization. In any event, Illuminar did not receive any money for this player.


Wiktor “mynio” Kruk -> Anonymo
Amount: 60-80 thousand złoty ($15-20 thousand)

As soon as Anonymo started building their Polish powersquad with Snax, Kei and Kylar, it was certain that eventually every player on the Polish scene would look to join them. Firstly, Anonymo was looking for in-game leader and tried to acquire Dawid “lunAtic” Cieślak, but organization couldn’t reach consensus with PACT. When Anonymo contacted mynio, he didn’t need any persuasion. As soon as Anonymo enquired Wisła about Kruk, the player was put on the reserve bench, due to his unequivocal intention to move to the newly created organization. The transfer negotiations were protracted because Anonymo couldn’t meet the financial demands of the Krakow’s organization. In the end the transfer amount closed in the range of 60-80 thousand zloty. Is it big money? Not exactly, but on the Polish market cash transfers are still a rarity. Kiedy tylko Anonymo wyraziło zainteresowanie Myniem, Wiktor nie zastanawiał się długo. 


Kamil “KEi” Pietkun and Kacper “Kylar” Walukiewicz -> Anonymo

Amount: 400-500 thousand złoty ($105-130 thousand)

Kei and Kylar were the most demanded duo in 2020.They were one of the major reasons why AVEZ came close to promotion to the Flashpoint league, and for some time they were the best team in Poland. As soon as AVEZ decided to disband the main line-up, it was certain that they’d want to cash in on the prospective duo. From the outset, interest was considerable. At least three leading Polish organizations expressed interest in their services, including x-kom AGO and the newly emerging Anonymo. AVEZ made their conditions clear and demanded 300,000 zloty (around 80 thousand dollars) for each player. This meant that Anonymo would have to spend 600,000 zloty (around 160 thousand dollars) to acquire these two players into their future five-man roster. It can be said that this is an astronomical amount for Polish conditions, especially compared to the low average transfer fees paid between two Polish organizations. Previously, transfer records were set by players going to or from, the Russian organization. The transfer record between two Polish organizations was finally set by Anonymo, who bought Keia and Kylar for almost half a million zloty.


Karol “rallen” Radowicz -> x-kom AGO

Amount: $0? Yes and no

It is incorrect to assume that a free player costs nothing. Often, the amount for the signature or commission for the agent can be more expensive for the organization than the purchase of the player themselves. This was no different for Rallen, who entered negotations with x-kom AGO at least 2 or even 3 times in the past. Convincing Karol was not easy due to a multitude of reasons, but the final agreement was reached towards the end of 2020. Karol was paid between 10 and 15 thousand zloty (around 3-4 thousand dollars) bonus for signing the contact. The large sum suggests that his agency negotiated very attractive contract terms with polish organization.


Summary of transfer shuffle

Of course, recently there were more movements on the scene, but we decided to summarize only the major ones that included cash fee. There was also a whole bunch of cashless transfers like Vegi to Pact, mono and Stomp to Izako Boars or Goofy to Wisła Kraków. On the other hand, the purpose of the text itself was to repeal the atmosphere and attitude of secrecy, not to summarise the information available to the public. We hope that this has been achieved to some extent.




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