PGE Turów Zgorzelec

Changes in PGE Turów Zgorzelec

The main transfer carousel on the Polish scene took place in January, but it was certain that sooner or later the teams would make the first changes. Not all squads perform to the best of their organization’s capabilities and expectations. One such team is PGE Turów Zgorzelec, which got rid of as many as three players over the course of several days. Between March 20 and 22, the organization subsequently got rid of Mariusz “skrzynka” Jarząb, Dawid “Layener” Falczyński and Rafał “iso” Tynca. According to our information, the organization was not entirely satisfied with the approach to the work of the above-mentioned players. Team captain Kamil “repo” Cybulski very quickly began testing new players and in the coming days the squad will be officially announced.

New players

According to the information obtained by our portal, repo and frox should be joined by two players ex-piratesports: Łukasz “splawik” Jahns and Kamil “suonko” Węgrzynkiewicz. The first player has a rich past on the Polish stage, because he represented the colors of Dr. Pepper, Pompa Team and PRIDE. Currently, both players play in the professional division of the Polish Esports League. The role of sniper will be took over by Adrian “SAYN” Łączyński, who recently said goodbye to Tarczyński Protein Team after unsuccessful appearances in the ESL Polish. PGE Turów Zgorzelec had previously considered the involvement of Wojciech “benesty” Duda, but the player decided to test in the aforementioned TPT. If all goes according to plan, the new composition of PGE Turów Zgorzelec should look like this:

  • Karol “repo” Cybulski
  • Adrian “frox” Drozd
  • Adrian “SAYN” Łączyński
  • Kamil “sunko” Węgrzynkiewicz
  • Luke “splawik” Jahns



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