Big changes in AVEZ

AVEZ esport in recent days has scored some very poor results in the Polish backyard. The team quickly dropped out of fantasyexpo Spring Cup 2021 qualifiers, winning barely five rounds in two matches (2:16 with Pompa Team, 3:16 vs Honoris). Previously, the team failed to advance to the ESL Polish Championship, despite a direct invitation to the closed qualifiers. Especially the shortcomings were seen in the command, because the team played practically without a natural in-game leader. This should change soon, because the organization is currently testing the new IGL, a former piratesports player, Dominika “warp” Murawa. In addition, Avez is testing several new players, because the organization will get rid of at least 2, and maybe even 3 players. At the moment, among the current players, only Jakub “MrObvious” Długoń, Dawid “Zefir” Seifert and Wojciech “kulioo” Witkowski participate in the practices. The tests are ongoing and we will know the full composition soon. At the moment, only one player holds a certain place in the new lineup – warp. Additionaly, organization added Michał “Kiro” Łoś to it’s training staff.

The new roster of AVEZ should look like this:

  1. Dominik “warp” Murawa
  2. David “Zephyr” Seifert?
  3. Jakub “MrObvious” Długoń?
  4. Wojciech “kulioo” Witkowski?
  5. ?

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